2021 Rally- May 22 2021  


RU4L Chairman- Pastor Jerry Tanner

RU4L Secretary- Michelle Hall

Legislative Chair-Paul Yamarick

David Smolik

Cheryl Thompson-Draper

Pastor Adam Jaquez - New Life Baptist Church


2020 Rally Committee/Board

Michelle Hall- Chairman

Pastor Jerry Tanner

Paul Yamarick

Theresa D'Amico

Cheryl Draper

Pastor Adam Jaquez - New Life Baptist Church

David Smolick


Rise Up for Life 2019 Inaugural Committee/Board:

Michelle Hall- Chairman

Pastor Jerry Tanner

Paul Yamarick- Legislative

Brenda Cash

Theresa D'Amico

Cheryl Draper

Edee Sinclair

Monica Foyt

Pastor Michael King

Inaugural Rally- APRIL 19, 2019 Good Friday ---PRO LIFE RALLY
All Lavaca County (and area) citizens, clubs, churches, veterans, schools, Chambers, families, officials gathered for a county wide Rally for Life.... RISE UP for LIFE gathered at the Hallettsville Post Office (3:30-3:45) , and walked/marched to the Lavaca County Courthouse at 3:45pm on Good Friday afternoon.

The program by a grassroots committee began at 4 pm at the Gazebo. Program was completed in 1 hour.

People brought their own chairs.  We invited parents to bring their children.

Organizations, Churches, Schools are invited to march behind their own banner or flags. Many brought their own signs. IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!!!


Just how great is our Heavenly Father!! This came about quickly and smoothly-It was all GOD !!

From a LCRP meeting just after the Virginia Dr/Gov told the world so callously, coldly, matter of factly how it was “ok” to allow a baby -after it survived a failed abortion & she/he was born alive -to be then after live birth...murdered! ...INFANTISIDE!!

Our small group wept... went into prayer and wanted to scream & shout from the rooftops... THAT IS NOT RIGHT!! THAT IS A SIN-ABORTION ITSELF IS A SIN! And to take the life of a precious just born baby is just unthinkable! We HAD to do SOMETHING! The group decided a PRO-LIFE RALLY- NOW!! Don’t wait for the bigger ones in January-DO IT NOW! So we did!!

2019 Inaugural Rally

Michelle Hall Brenda Cash Theresa D’Amico Jerry Tanner Paul Yamarick Michael B. King ...you are a fabulous team!!! Each took an area and focused! As LCRP Chairman I could not be more proud or pleased with your dedication to this cause!

We appreciate our Pastors: the pastors of the area Ministerial Alliances that supported our cause & showed up in vans by the car load-THANK YOU!! Pastor Jerry Tanner of Weimar Baptist Church did a wonderful job as M.C.. Pastor Adam Jaquez of New Life Baptist Church in Yoakum-Invocation, Monsignor Peters of Sacred Heart in Hallettsville-Benediction , Pastor John Schmidt of Cornerstone Church Brenham-Speaker.

JoAnn Schmick and Lindsay Rupport lifting us higher & higher with your beautiful voices! And Lindsay’s song written just for our rally!! You each blessed us !!

Our 2019 Inaugural Rally  Speakers:

Edee Davis Sinclair you added to this group time, talent & a testimony of your mom “The Miracle Baby of Dallas”!

Vanessa Hicks-Callaway you were dynamic and outspoken as usual! Pushing us to be more conservative than ever-giving facts & numbers of the abortion industry of all babies especially the high number of black babies killed by abortion!

Pastor John Schmidt - wow ...what a sermon! Reminding us of those names we all recognize-Tim Tebow, Steve Jobs that have left legacies that might not ever be known if their MOTHERS had abortions as they were encouraged to do! As well as your own personal testimony of your mom as a teen being bullied to have an abortion by her parents & her pastor when she was pregnant with you! And encouraging all of us to reach out to others, find someone to mentor & raise up another generation of believers!! Thank you 3 speakers for celebrating PRO LIFE with us!

Thanking everyone for standing for Life. People came from all over the area. Thanks to our Hallettsville police and Lavaca County Officials for their assistance. Thanks to the Pro-life Associations- Alliance for Life, Right to Life, and the Gabriel Project for attending, and thank you to our local Newspapers and radio which advertised and covered the event.


Many people signed the Letters of Support for Pro-Life Bills which will be sent to the Legislators urging passage by Paul Yamarick.

Huge thanks to David and Cindy James of James Telco of Yoakum for the sound system for the event. And Shane Toadvine and his Video/Drone Company for the fabulous videos.

And most of all THANK YOU the 250+ PRO LIFERS for showing up, marching with us, singing & listening to our program on GOOD FRIDAY!

We definitely rose up for life... RISE UP FOR LIFE !!


For more information call: 


Chairman Rise Up 4 Life (RU4L)  Pastor Jerry Tanner- 361-5225308

or RU4L Secretary-Michelle Hall-361-2084046  

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